If you want to exfoliate your skin and get rid of facial hairs, but you would rather avoid more invasive procedures, you might consider dermaplaning. With dermaplaning, a special tool is used to slowly scrape the top layer of dead skin off, revealing a smoother surface for a fresh, youthful complexion. Also known as microplaning, this procedure can remove short hairs on your face, improve uneven skin tone, and soften fine lines. Nurse practitioner Shea Nielsen performs dermaplaning in Spanish Fork, UT to give you younger-looking skin. Schedule an appointment with Revival Aesthetics and Wellness to take advantage of this advanced exfoliation treatment.


Once your face is washed, we will use a blade or other special tool to gently scrape the skin’s surface with several strokes, leaving it smoother and brighter. On average, it takes about 30 minutes, but the exact time depends on whether only a small portion or the whole face is being treated. In the hours following your dermaplaning session, you should expect your face to be a little pinkish. This is a normal reaction that will subside in the coming days. It’s common for some peeling to occur as the skin heals so please remember not to pick at it. Patients can expect results soon after, as dermaplaning produces beautiful, softer skin.