Dysport is an injectable muscle relaxer that smoothes wrinkles and creases on the upper face, like frown lines. Similar to BOTOX®, Dysport uses a filtered strain of botulinum toxin type A in order to temporarily relax specific muscle groups in the face. Once these muscles are at rest, the continual contractions that create dynamic lines will be reduced, which will tighten up the skin. As a result, you can frown, smile, and make as many facial expressions as you want without worrying about developing wrinkles. Contact Revival Aesthetics and Wellness in Spanish Fork, UT to set up your consultation with nurse practitioner Shea Nielsen, and be on your way to a refreshed face.


Dysport injections are done in one of our private treatment rooms following your initial consultation with nurse practitioner Shea Nielsen, lasting about 15 – 30 minutes. A numbing cream is generally not necessary because the injections are given using a fine needle that creates very little discomfort, but it may be applied if requested. After the skin has been cleansed, a number of injections will be made along the brow and forehead region, followed by a cold compress to limit bruising and inflammation. After your treatment, you are free to go about your daily routine, although you should try to avoid heavy physical activity for at least 24 hours.