Six Health Issues Caused By a Hormone Imbalance

By: Shea Nielsen


Hormones play an essential role in our overall health. But what you may not know is that even the slightest imbalance in hormone levels can cause many health issues. Below, board-certified nurse practitioner Shea Nielsen reviews the six most common problems caused by a hormone imbalance.

If you experience the following symptoms listed below, call Revival Aesthetics and Wellness in Spanish Fork, UT. We provide comprehensive solutions, like hormone replacement therapy, to improve your health and comfort.

1. Fatigue

Hormones often influence how your body produces energy. Low energy may prevent you from completing even the simplest tasks at home or work. Constant fatigue can also cause feelings of irritation and make it difficult to concentrate.

2. Weight gain

Hormones are responsible for functions that affect weight, including regulating your metabolism and controlling your appetite. Even traditional weight loss methods, like diet and exercise, may not be enough to address unwanted fat if hormone levels are out of balance.

3. Insomnia

Some people find it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. This causes feelings of exhaustion or fatigue throughout the day. While some people turn to melatonin for managing insomnia, over-the-counter drugs or medications may not be enough to address the root of the problem.

4. Sexual dysfunction

Whenever hormones are off-balance, they cause a wide range of sexual issues. For example, low estrogen often results in vaginal dryness and an overall decrease in sex drive. Women may also experience painful intercourse with a partner. Low levels of testosterone may lead to erectile dysfunction in men.

5. Mood swings or irritability

Everyone has good days and bad days. But if you find yourself feeling inexplicably angry, anxious, or depressed, it could be a sign that your hormones are out of whack. A hormone imbalance can cause extreme mood swings that make it difficult to manage relationships with others.

6. Lack of focus or attention

Hormones regulate brain function and memory, so it can be difficult to focus on everyday tasks when they are out of balance. You may forget things more often or have trouble concentrating in general. If you struggle with focus or attention, it could be a sign that you need help.

How does hormone replacement therapy help?

Revival Aesthetics and Wellness can improve many of the symptoms associated with hormone issues, including fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, mood swings, and lack of focus. Shea Nielsen can help you feel like yourself again through advanced hormone replacement therapy in Spanish Fork, UT.

Hormone replacement therapy uses man-made hormones to supplement the ones your body is no longer producing. This treatment is customized to your individual situation and health goals. Patients receive hormones through a simple procedure and attend follow-up appointments so we can observe their progress. Improvements are seen in as little as 2 – 3 weeks.

Balance your hormones

Chronic problems like fatigue and mood swings do not have to be a part of your everyday life. Call Revival Aesthetics and Wellness in Spanish Fork, UT for an assessment if you have the above symptoms or think you have a hormone imbalance. Board-certified nurse practitioner Shea Nielsen is proud to provide cutting-edge solutions in the form of hormone replacement therapy to help you regain your health and happiness.

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