Why The Name Revival?

By: Shea Nielsen



4 years ago my husband and I started talking about our future. What we really wanted and how that looked. We both felt strongly that whatever that was would be our legacy. Revival was born.

Throughout my life, I have had so many opportunities to have a renewed outlook. I have had trials that shook me to my core, and I chose to refresh, refine and revive my life! I chose to not be the victim of my circumstances and have a new start.

Whether you're going through a divorce, just having a shitty day, leaving a toxic relationship, not feeling yourself, or just need some self-care…. I wanted to create a safe place for connections. I feel strongly that any treatments in our space will not only help your outward appearance but help your soul feel revived!

The culture at Revival is strong. It is a sisterhood, and you can feel that during your experience with us??

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