Are you having trouble reaching orgasm or dealing with vaginal dryness, low sexual desire, pain during intercourse, or urinary incontinence? While it may feel embarrassing to talk about, many women report these issues as they grow older. At Revival Aesthetics and Wellness, Shea Nielsen is proud to offer the O-Shot. Also called the orgasm shot, this minimally invasive and effective treatment for sexual dysfunction can help address these problems and improve your sexual health. For more information on how the O-Shot can help you, contact our Spanish Fork, UT office to schedule a consultation.


The O-Shot is an injection that uses platelet-rich plasma from your blood to stimulate tissue growth and sensitivity in your vagina for better orgasms. At the start of the procedure, we will take a sample of blood, which is then put through a centrifuge to separate the PRP and growth factors. We then inject the PRP serum into areas in and around the vagina and clitoris as needed. We apply a local anesthetic to the area to minimize discomfort. Within days of treatment, many women report more frequent orgasms, heightened sexual arousal, and increased natural lubrication.